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Embellishments Design Studio has been serving the design needs of the Twin Cities metro for over 15 years. We are a full-service studio, specializing in interior decoration - we provide everything from one-color paint consultations to throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bath-water room re-dos. Built on a strong belief that good design is achieved through effective project management, we listen to your needs, respect your budget and educate you on your options.

Embellishments Design Studio offers residential and light commercial interior design services. A key specialty of ours is custom window treatment design. This specialized service is available to homeowners, business owners, architects, designers and remodelers who desire assistance all the way from the idea generation phase to installation. Using state-of-the-art-software, designs can be envisioned in detail before the work begins. As a former window treatment fabricator, her understanding of the fabrication process allows her to bring a unique perspective to the table.

Our Philosophy & How It Came to Be...
It all began with a 4-shelf bookcase, a Barbie, and a dream. As a child, Jane-Marie Bloomberg, owner of Embellishments Design Studio, was dissatisfied with the design of her Barbie Dream House - no room for her Barbie to stand or sit, the furniture pre-printed on the back wall and everything pink - These design limitations prompted her to create the dream house to trump all dream houses, complete with custom furniture, bedding and artwork.

Turning problems into dreamy solutions continues to be a cornerstone of her design studio. Jane-Marie has a passion for achieving well-appointed interiors by focusing on what you already have, what you really need, and what you truly and passionately want - a killer design that makes you say "ahhh" when you walk into your home.

By encouraging her clients to play an integral part in the process, her interiors speak to the importance of functionality and livability as well as to the value of beauty and a touch of the unexpected. She's a stickler when it comes to sourcing durable and cleanable fabrics that will last, something her clients (and their pocket books) truly appreciate.

In addition to her tenure designing spaces, Jane-Marie holds a degree with Distinction in Economics/Finance from St. Olaf College. This led her to opportunities as a Financial Analyst at General Mills and a Home Division Buyer at Marshall Fields - experience which plays a key role in her ability to effectively manage projects in terms of client goals, budget and the level of communication expected. She is an advocate for the client when sourcing and negotiating with vendors and works tirelessly to provide the best selections possible.

Community Service/Donations:
* Minnetonka Middle School Media Center Project
* Creo Arts & Dance Conservatory
* Edina Community Education
* Courage Center
* Children's Heartlink
* Forest Hills Elementary School
* All Saints Lutheran Church
* Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools
* Burroughs Elementary School in Minneapolis
* Spring Hill Waldorf School in Excelsior
* Countryside Elementary School in Edina
* Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation
* St. Olaf College Partners in Annual Giving Gala Team
* Twin Cities Opera Guild
* Chanhassen Rotary
* Friends of Wescott Library
* Scenic Heights Elementary
* The Arc
* The Salvation Army
* Samaritan's Purse
* Minnetonka Foundation

Embellishments Design Studio / International Market Square
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Residential and Window photos by Jon Huelskamp, Landmark Photography and Design. Some Home Staging photos by SpaceCrafting.
Commercial photos by Gwendolyn Waite Photography.