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Embellishments Design Studio
Jane Marie
"I can't imagine a designer I would rather work with for our home. She is highly professional . . . knowledgeable, exacting, a good eye for interior design, and with her strong communication, customer service, and project management skills I'm not sure how anyone could be better. Jane-Marie and Embellishments Design Studio have my highest recommendation." P.C.

"I absolutely love our family room, so thanks for all of your help decorating it with both comfortable and functional furnishings and accessories in a color scheme that I love and works well with the rest of our main level." M.D.

"Thank you for all your advice and hard work on the birth center. Everything has come together so well. You have a superb eye for design." A.J.G.

"[Jane-Marie] led us in all of the right directions each and every time, and nothing, no matter how small, was overlooked or taken for granted." L.C.

"Jane-Marie is very easy to work with, prompt, and reliable. She has many creative ideas, but encourages you to choose what you are most comfortable with." K.S.

"Jane-Marie has a great sense of style, is easy to work with, kept the lines of communication open, and delivered a quality result on time and under budget." D.S.

"Jane-Marie is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and an excellent communicator. She never failed to listen to our ideas and transform them into beauty." L.C.

"Jane-Marie is . . . very sensitive to the realities of life. She understood various pressures we were under, and she treated us with the greatest respect. In fact, my stress level always seemed to go down when I talked or met with her. She is a complete pleasure to work with." L.C.

"I am thrilled with our new window treatments! I just have to smile and admire them every time I walk in the room! . . . I really enjoyed working with you - you were honest, helpful and focused on what I wanted. Thank you!" B.S.

Embellishments Design Studio / International Market Square
275 Market St. Suite 542  |  Minneapolis, MN 55405  |  612.251.6512  |

Residential and Window photos by Jon Huelskamp, Landmark Photography and Design. Some Home Staging photos by SpaceCrafting.
Commercial photos by Gwendolyn Waite Photography.