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Dear Jane-Marie,
portraitSo, you know when you make a goal and you put it in writing, and then you share it with like 500 people so that you are guaranteed to make good on your commitment, and then you don't actually follow through with it because your schedule really doesn't allow for it? Well, that's what happened with my goal of starting up my newsletters again back in Feb 2013!  Here I am to stay, though!  Keep reading for ways to make your home shine! 


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  Spotlight Source of the Month
One of my favorite lines I frequently sell to clients is

Julie Dasher Rugs.  This line offers hand-knotted Tibetan wool rugs, customized to the size, color and pattern you want.  It has everything from cut pile wools to Turkish overdyed patchworks, one of which I recently ordered for my own house.  I also ordered a dark gray one to use when Minnesota turns into a wonderful land of slush!  The Turkish rugs are a great green option since they use vintage rug remnants to create one of a kind rugs.    


The process is not overwhelming at all:


  1. Step 1:  Choose a pattern - over 350 designs to choose from OR we can design your very own and even name it after you!
  2. Step 2:  Choose your colors - over 900 colors available in the cut piles and 16 colors for the Turkish overdyed!
  3. Step 3:  Choose your size - I do a custom measure for my clients so we can get down to the very inch.

Did you know many of the retail rugs purchased at big box stores are woven in countries where children are made to sit at the loom for hours on end?  They are denied a chance to play and go to school in order to keep up with the demand for the low quality, low priced rugs sold in America.


However, with Julie Dasher Rugs, a portion of her profits are donated to an organization called Goodweave.  Goodweavemakes sure that NO CHILDREN weave any of her rugs.  The wool is also a much higher quality so you will have minimal shedding. 


 For the full collection, click here.   


  Contact me today if you are considering a custom rug!  

 Top Tip of the Month
As you know, in addition to design work, I stage homes for Bloomberg Real Estate.  Bill, my hubbie and realtor extraordinaire (he's also my third child, insurance claim tester - that was when he started a diving contest with the kids in the jet tub - and good friend to the 4 little boys in the neighborhood - thank you, zip line in the basement) . . . Anyway, you get the picture that he is resourceful and willing to take chances, so he recently won an expired listing that had no showings whatsoever when listed with the other realtor!  He'll market the heck out of it and I'll provide the staging.

When I first take a look at staging a home, I have to turn off some of my design brain and remember that we aren't going to have the same budget as a design project, but I REALLY WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE WE DO!  So, what does one do?  Pull out all the tricks of the trade.  Consider implementing some of these in your own home and see where it leads you - do you love your home now rather than want to leave it?

Step away from the walls, furniture:  Furniture wants to breathe - let the architecture of the room feel a bit separate from the furniture grouping in the room.

Create a conversation area "in the round":  Try placing a piece of upholstery across from (at an angle) your largest piece of upholstery in order to help foster conversation.  Before, the window looked bare and the room felt long and narrow with no seating across from each other.

Balance your biggest pieces:  We placed the sofa directly across from the fireplace so that the focal point (the fireplace) felt balanced.  The sofa placement also helped widen the room.

If you'd like to see more of this home, it hits the market this weekend, so check out and look for "Hot Property" starting Friday.
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